Neste hackathon digitalizing sustainability in the supply chain

Neste global sustainability hackathon on 23rd-24th May.

Neste is an expert in state-of-the-art renewable solutions that help decarbonise the world. We want to take our Supplier Due Diligence System into the digital era - the new system should be less manual, more transparent and more engaging. We want to ensure that environmental, social and governance issues are continuously developed in our supply chain. Our upcoming sustainability hackathon in Helsinki and Singapore takes the challenge of building a more sustainable future.

Do you want to be part of the audience and feel the hackathon spirit? 

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The Challenge

First and foremost, we are looking for revolutionary out-of-the-box ideas that shape our industry. Thus, we do not want to limit your creativity too much. However, to set the scene, there are four key aspects for you to consider that we think could make our day-to-day work easier:

1. Supplier process and internal tracking
Neste has over a hundred raw material suppliers worldwide, with new ones constantly on-boarding. How could different teams at Neste better jointly track and monitor the performance of their suppliers, both operations and sustainability-wise?

2. Engagement and continuous improvement
Sustainability is a journey that Neste takes together with its suppliers.  How could suppliers easily submit information and evidence of progress related to their sustainability commitments, systems, and working practices, and how could Neste help them on their sustainability journey?

3. New ways to visualize sustainability performance
There are many actors, such as policymakers, NGOs and consumers, who require transparency in sustainability. How could the gathered performance data be presented visually in an understandable format?

4. Open ideas
How could Neste use the sustainability related data it gathers? What new business or other uses could the information have? How could their sustainability due diligence system work as a platform for other actors related to the industry?


  • IBM Bluemix
  • Databank
  • Process descriptions
  • Neste professionals’ support

More detailed material for participants to be published on 24th April.


The winning team takes it all! The hackathon finalist teams will be evaluated by the hackathon Sustainability Board, consisting of Neste directors from our Sustainability and ICT teams, as well as our stakeholder representatives.

The ideas are evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Innovativeness of the idea – we are looking for new approaches on how to gather and use supply chain related data
  • Usefulness for the end user 
  • Technical feasibility
  • Quality of the pitch

The winning team will be awarded with a 10 000€ cash prize. The 2nd and 3rd teams will be awarded with Slush 2017 tickets - team(s) awarded in Helsinki will get tickets to Slush Helsinki and team(s) awarded in Singapore will get tickets to Slush Singapore.

Intellectual Property Rights

All work performed at the Neste Hackathon event remain the intellectual property of the individuals or entities that have developed them. Neste makes no claim to any intellectual property developed by the participants during the course of event, except as otherwise provided herein.

By participating in the Neste Hackathon event, the participants grant Neste a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive license to utilize all information derived or relating to the Neste Hackathon for all kind of promotional and marketing purposes of Neste, for example in ocial media, blog posts, online videos or case descriptions. The participants acknowledge that he or she will not receive any royalty or compensation for this use by Neste. 

For further information on intellectual property rights, please conact


Helsinki @ Konepajan Bruno 
Singapore @ Huone


Registration to the hackathon is now closed. Greatest thanks for all the applications received!

Final ideas for the hackathon event should be submitted by 15th May 2017 (23:59 EET, UTC/GMT +3) via email The 10 finalist teams will be selected by 18th May 2017. 

If applying alone, please leave blank and we will try to find a team for you!


If you have questions considering the hackathon, please contact us via hackathon(@)
Hackathon in social media #hackthesupply @nestecorp
Johan Lunabba, Director, Sustainability, tel +358 50 458 0795, johan.lunabba(@)
Adrian Suharto, Manager, Sustainability and Public Affairs, Neste Singapore Ltd, tel. +65 6223 1222, adrian.suharto(@)

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